Well, let this be a part of my practice. For this blog is my personal area, I just decided to start writing at least some posts in English. This would be a logical follow-on for my Coursera study.

This first attempt is being constantly interrupted by one of the most annoying clients of mine. Oh no, no, he is not that bad as a person, but what is driving me crazy while communicating with all those post-vashmagazin clients is their… writing skills, ha-ha. To be more exact, it is the fact that I constantly have to translate and rearrange their phrases trying to get closer to their real purposes. There are just a few managers (here I mean the very middle ones, just a bit higher that sellers) able to write clear things, no matter in emails or Skype conversations. That’s my persistent headache. I’m sick and tired of translating from bad Russian into good Russian, although that’s a good practice as well 🙂

К вопросу о самооценке

На середине прохождения программы «Crafting an Effective Writer» взяла да и отправила, по наводке сокурсников, свой написанный для теста отрывок на анализ сайту I Write Like…

Что бы вы думали?!

I write like
J. R. R. Tolkien

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

Внимание, вопрос: что я вообще делаю на этих онлайн-курсах, если все так круто?! )))